2x *NEW* Garmins Emerge: Edge 820 *AND* Edge820 *EXPLORE*

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Edit: Full Specs Just Announced For Edge 820 <here>

This post contained two images/screenshots from the now-deleted new 820 videos, I have removed the 2 images and Garmin removed their own youtube videos from youtube. Edit: And NOW they are back again!! Sigh Leaktastic, goodatmyjobtastic or just that the Edge will be released TODAY? (maybe)

See comments below.



And the same as links:
Garmin edge 820 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKurQUZg1DY
Garmin Edge Explore 820 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXi5lJMVJt4

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What about this video too:

what about this video:

no worries, sorry I added the link twice.


looks like they are all down


It has already appeared on Garmin spanish web, and minutes later the link removed!! I have several screenshots, and it’s surely Edge 820!!

Seems the are finishing the tests, and the announce will be surely today!


It’s called Edge Explore 820. Hope this does not limit it’s functionality as in Edge Explore 1000…


Well, seems they are still doubting the name. Now it has come back to Edge 820 again.


Perhaps it’s what you said, 2 new models coming. They may be under web tests…