Javier Gomez out of Rio Triathlon 2016

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AJ Bell London Triathlon 2015
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Javier Gomez is out of the triathlon at the RIO 2016 Olympics – a personal disaster, especially after winning the RIO test event. Obviously this boosts significantly the chances of a Gold for Team GB. Favourite in the women’s race is still USA’s super-Gwen. Tough competition in both races. Best wishes to every athlete’s ability to participate after training so hard.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BH1kknJjmFC/

“I’m really sorry to let you all know that yesterday, when I was just about to finish my bike training, I had one of those silly crashes, no faster than 15km/h. Immediately I felt pain in my elbow so we went to the hospital. Scans have confirmed a displaced fracture in the radial head of my left arm. Going into surgery today to fix it.

“Unfortunately this has forced me to pull out of competing in Rio. I need to be realistic, there is no time to prepare and to be fit on the start line of the games. The most sensible thing is to open my spot and allow someone else the chance to race.

“As you can imagine, this is a really tough time, it’s a goal I have been working for over many years. I will keep fighting, I still have many goals in this sport, I’m not done yet. I feel sad and disappointed to give you this news, thanks for the ongoing support.”

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