NEW *Sports Watch* – Quiz – What's This One Then Smarty-Pants?

After last month’s moderately taxing ‘guess the sports watch’ competition. You know, the one that had no prize other than Kudos points. We come to July with DOUBLE the prizes on offer.

What’s this then?

Is it a new Polar H7i chest strap? Nope (thanks Dave). is it an activity tracker from a relatively obscure brand I’m trying to slip through? Nope. Is it from a well-known brand? Yep. sort of. Ah so it’s the thing that’s being teased this week about Polar then? Nope. Anything to do with an impending Androidwear announcement or two? Nope.

The picture is a little misleading to avoid making it too easy for you ! and mostly unaltered.


Bring it on!!! This one is hard (I think). And once/if you get this, you might figure out how you got it, or how I got it, and then you might figure out another. (Cryptic)

So there are quadruple bonus points on offer for getting the OTHER one that the previous cryptic paragraph refers to. IE there is more than one product I’m referring to here.

(Seriously though, if anyone gets this then you are as equally sad as me!!!)


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