Polar – Teaser Announcement IMMINENT for new sports watch(es) or something

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Teaser announcement. Although technically this post represents a new low for me … as I am teasing the teaser. It’s a slow news day.

RECOMMENDED READING: HERE is the teaser and some thoughts.

Not the teaser. We want the product please Ms Polar! Or is it products(s) :-). There are little birds whispering nice things in my ear. Something will be dribbled out later this week so watch this space. And of course all the other spaces you normally watch.

It will be an official dribble of info, so the opinion-mongers (me and others) will need to get cracking on the keyboards after the announcement.

Polar will tease out some more info this week on a new product. I don’t know what the info will be. Although I now have a much better idea of some of the Polar-excitement for us all over the next few months. We saw Lusty’s Polar H7i yesterday – a good start. I know FOR SURE there’s at least one watch on the way THE NATURE OF WHICH, NO-ONE IS SUSPECTING.

Someone has been VERY busy in Finland.

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