Happy Garmin Families – Heart-to-heart-to-heart

Garmin HRM-RUN HRM-TRI HRM-SWIMIn desperation I think I even mocked up a HRM-BIKE to complete the family.

The caching swim watches now pretty much work flawlessly. You only have to watch out for losing the ANT+ connection before you start your race if you are splashing around at the start (tip: move you watch close to the strap underwater and it will find it).

Very occasionally the watch will not download a cached HR track. It can be force downloaded through your device’s menus.

Still a few probs with 3rd parties not yet handling the cached HR being stuck at the end of the FIT file but that is mostly resolved. Firstbeat users might consider the “Fit File Repair tool” – the MS Access based one. That can translate your FIT files to SDF for firstbeat to be able to read the HRV.

Now it’s warm again, I use the HRM-TRI a lot. Nice.

Ah yes here it is. Poor photoshop effort.


Garmin HRM-BIKE – Maybe!

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