Polar M600 Teaser – New Watch for Android Wear

2016 Polar Teaser

Ok guys and girls. No-one has yet guessed the two watches from this post earlier in the week. Tut. Tut. Must try harder.

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However Polar have not left us without SOME EXTRA interest this week with their tantalising image above as well as the exciting new Polar H7i HRM. You can ‘join the movement’ to be ‘kept posted’ about the M??? at http://nowyoucan.polar.com.

This teaser seems a very similar look and feel to last year’s rather elegant teaser, below.

Polar-A360 teaser
**2015** Polar-A360 teaser -this was the optical one remember?

The A360 was a competent little beast (I liked it FWIW).

However today’s teaser has a whiff of Android about it. A whiff of the M-series revitalisation. Yet it’s apparently coming in at above US$300, so it must be a significant beast.

I have a suspicion (I don’t know) that it might be rivalling the Garmin Vivomove STYLE-WATCH. Whilst that looked nice enough I doubted Garmin had the right sales/marketing channels for it. Same would apply to Polar. Surely Polar wouldn’t go down that route, despite the market potential? I suspect that would be a mistake.

If it is a Polar M-something then that would imply a decent sports device, right? eg like the existing M400 (run) and M450 (bike). It’s more likely a super-improved-run watch but it could be what we have been speculating as the V900 and be a tri-watch (ta da!!). It is rumoured to be fully waterproof and whilst that obviously helps a running watch it’s a pretty fundamental feature for a tri-watch. Although at the rumoured price point it might be too low a price for a tri watch (compared to the market) unless it’s going for a populist market like the Garmin 735XT. A populist model would make financial sense for Polar.

If it is an improved running watch then optical HR is likely if it is a tri watch then less likely. Especially as we have a new H7i band to support a tri watch. However there are rumours of a SUPER-LED OPTICAL SENSOR. Double the array size of every other existing device, presumably with increased accuracy following on. Is it true? Not sure (good chance)

Polar A360 Review
Polar A360 vs Samsung Gear Fit Display

The metal band in the teased image looks a bit like the band from the existing V800 tri watch (and the A360). Maybe a similar form factor to that for an improved M400 running watch just with the better colour screens as first released in the A360?

Yet if as, @lustyd suggests (source of this info), this is Android Wear then Polar have headed off in a potentially VERY interesting new direction. By coincidence, here is something I wrote about androidwear a couple of days ago.

So is this a Garmin 630 rival? A Garmin 735Xt killer? or a Suunto Spartan Sport Rival? Or an innovative Android Wear running watch?

Surely Polar would have to put in a lot of effort to getting their first androidwear device to work. Surely therefore more are planned? Is this or the next one going to be the first androidwear tri watch? Interesting tech times.

I’ve just realised. I’ve fallen for the Polar teaser campaign big time. Oh dear 🙂


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21 thoughts on “Polar M600 Teaser – New Watch for Android Wear

  1. the image looks like a A360 from the side, i guess m600 will become something like this, formfactor etc but with gps (and homefully some other goodies) because this lacks the A360

  2. wrist based HR!


    About the Product
    Wrist heart rate monitor: accurate wrist-based heart rate monitor with personalized training guidance to reach your fitness goals
    GPS watch: built-in GPS Technology keeps track of your pace, distance and altitude
    Waterproof fitness tracker: customize your M600 activity tracker to fit your style with interchangeable, waterproof wristbands
    Full Android wear ecosystem: notifications, social features, weather, calendar, maps, 3rd Party Apps via Google Play
    Smart coaching: running index, Sport profiles, HR zones, training benefit

  3. This is tooooo juicy! I certainly hope it’s the M600 and that it has optical HR. BUT, I also hope the watch doesn’t look like the images in the post from Naiboo. It’s a tiny bit ugly…

    1. you’ll be running with a flourescent green wrist. but yes you’d have though more is better although there are other factors. they could have chosen different colours (affects wavelengths) and the spacing of the sensors is also importatn

  4. How much above $300 have you heard? 300 plus a bit we Brits get stuffed for would be £249

    1. should know tomorrow. all these devices must cost about GBP50 or less to make, especially marginal cost of production. Garmin have a 50% overall margin. Anyway, point is that they can pretty much choose the price they want and it doesn’t necessarily have to be determined by current exchange rate but rather comparative pricing. although fx will be a factor probably. Let’s see what it actually is first tho, is it a top-end running watch or a keenly priced tri watch? we’re not actually sure and there is evidence both ways.

  5. you all can find it on instagram on polarglobal. an in gadfitsg singapore, pictures and video and yes its have six led hr sensor, for all the rest of the good stuf wait 5 days more

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