Pru Ride London 2016 – 100 Mile Gadget Performance

Chaos as leading Ride London 100 riders are stopped before the finish line due to ‘local traffic’

Laden with gadgets I trundled round Pru Ride London.

I was quite-to-very pleased with my performance, attributing all my success to gadgetation & supplementation. Nothing to do with training. Here’s how the gadgets/supplements performed:

Garmin Varia RTL 500 – radar/rear light – this worked well. Didn’t pick up millions of cyclists. DID pick up the very occasional car (there were 2 or 3). Yeah, good. Pleasantly surprised

Beet-it – oh yeah baby. living and lovin’ the nitrates. Makes me go faster or sure.

curranz – can’t think of anything funny to say but my legs don’t hurt the day after. Makes me go faster I reckon.

Garmin Edge 820Garmin HRM-RUN – flawless

BSX Insight – This was the backup for my power track!! as well as SmO2. Lots of interesting Loooooooog ride data to analyse now.

Garmin Edge 820 – Great performance stats and features, several rebooting problems to crate multiple tracks. Combined the resulting data files using the awesome fit file repair tool.

Favero BePro – Flawless. Eased off nicely up the hills watching the power.

ROTOR Inpower 3d – flawless recording backup power.

Qarbon Qring 53T – yeah baby. Power booster (well it is for me)

Precision Hydration H2PRO HYDRATE – I don’t train much for the longer stuff. No cramps today (well a slight twinge). First time I used their stuff for a long race and best almost-cramp-free experience. I was a tad underhydrated but NOT short of salt. Go figure.

Adamo Saddle – What PITA?

Ultremo ZX/R1 tyres – fast and furious, no punctures. Nice ‘n’ comfy.

Lucozade Sport – made my bike a lot heavier and hopefully me a bit faster.

Golden Cheetah – Awesome post race power analysis of my power-duration PBs. Livin’ the dream. (V4 vSoon)

Sporttracks – just awesome.

New discovery: wear one of those baseball cap thingys under your helmet (cycling cap or bandana) , avoid the sweat in your face. Awesome. Thanks Garmin.



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