Polar M600 – very soon. Very. Really. Well the announcement, anyway.

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Polar-M600he he he. Looks like it’s got GPS and HR then.

EDIT: This product has now been formally announced

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The colour screen display looks very similar in style to the A360.

This baby is going to be all nav’d-up hopefully so it could still be a running watch. That would be good news as that would then set the scene for a new tri watch as well. I like double surprises.

On a related note I was playing with a niece’s lego last night and snapped a picture of this. interesting light show. Reminded me a bit of an optical sensor LED display. But it couldn’t be that as optical HR LED arrays only have 3 light sources. Don’t they?


anyway. We’ll find out tomorrow. #soonpolarsoon or look back here.

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More LEDS = MORE POWER!!! hehe. 🙂 Can’t wait for the announcement tomorrow. Wondering if this will do sleep tracking and resting heart rate as well. The A360 was supposed to get all day heart rate monitoring, but that hasn’t appeared yet.

Just wonder if it will sync/upload to iOS devices, being Android Wear. Unless Polar thinks of it as a stand alone device. If it has wifi, then it would just upload once you got home.

Just read that you sync via Polar Flow (like usual), but that you would need to install Android Wear on your iOS device to get other features. That makes sense. Really looking forward to the announcement and your coverage! Thanks for the site.

Bay McGovern

Literally busting for this! So damn excited. I will be ordering one as soon as they are available!

Bay McGovern

Oh really? I used to have the M400 and had to send it back. Instead of buying another I decided to wait for M400 + Optical HR which is what this essentially seems to be. I’ve been waiting 9 months so I’m stoked. The only thing I’m worried about is how long they will take to support iOS android wear integration (if it’s not supported initially).

2 day battery life… eek! :-/

Agreed, if true this is very poor. One of the things that is keeping me away from the Apple Watch/Android Wear devices is the poor battery life. I can get 4+ weeks from my V800. Once you turn on all of the Andoid Wear features, it will reduce the 2 days even more. Whilst I can understand that this will help Polar by removing a large chunk of the software development (a weak spot for Polar), only offering parity with other devices does not allow them to differentiate themselves. Also, I am assuming existing M400 users with weeks of battery life will be less than impressed.

Interesting what this would mean for a V800 replacement. The competiion (new Suunto Spartan and Garmin Fenix) have good battery life (well, from the Suunto specs rather than testing), but I would not be happy with having to keep charging my device after every run, bike or trip to the gym.

Time will tell if this move pays off for Polar. All I can say is that us, as consumers will be having a greater choice when we are looking to upgrade.