Polar M600 – very soon. Very. Really. Well the announcement, anyway.

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he he he. Looks like it’s got GPS and HR then.

EDIT: This product has now been formally announced

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The colour screen display looks very similar in style to the A360.

This baby is going to be all nav’d-up hopefully so it could still be a running watch. That would be good news as that would then set the scene for a new tri watch as well. I like double surprises.

On a related note I was playing with a niece’s lego last night and snapped a picture of this. interesting light show. Reminded me a bit of an optical sensor LED display. But it couldn’t be that as optical HR LED arrays only have 3 light sources. Don’t they?

anyway. We’ll find out tomorrow. #soonpolarsoon or look back here.

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Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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