Kinematix TUNE – First run with running analysis tool

TUNE KinematixJust popped the newly arrived Kinematix TUNE running analysis insoles into my Waverider 19s and off I went for a post Pruride-100 recovery run.

For those of us used to the Garmin Running Dynamics, this time we have some more interesting metrics from a new product.

The stats in the image are probably not too great as I was plodding quite a bit. However my asymmetry immediately jumps out (injury).

Heel Striking Steps – these are %age strides that started with a heel strike. Once I get going I reckon this is close to 0%. We’ll see.

Heel Contact – %age of ground contact time occupied by heel contact. Whopping asymmetry. Oh dear.

Ground Contact Time – the usual metric as from Garmin. Actually the values are probably in line with those from the Garmin I was wearing. I just had a quick glance. As an indication though, once you get running ‘properly’ your GCT will likely drop below 200.

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