Garmin Excitement for August?

Garmin Varia RTL 500

RTL 500 Varia Rear RADAR and Light

In all the recent Polar and Suunto excitement I’ve neglected to wonder recently what Garmin’s exciting announcement next week will be.

Or maybe the week after.

Or next month.

At least definitely next month sept/oct there will be something (930 :-), maybe, poor V900, perhaps ).

I still want a Garmin Swim 2.

They, Garmin, have registered something to do with a 2-way radio.

Now this could simply be a 2-way radio or some device to link to the heads-up cycling display thingy (Dave, Varia Vision) to facilitate the full Group-Track communication and notification functionalities

Or it could just be a two way radio for people who hunt with dogs.

Or just a two way radio.

Let’s go with the 2-way radio. It’s going to be a slow month now.

Although the super-confidential docs are now registered: A02614 – Apparently a wrist-worn device but I haven’t checked the docs too closely. ‘Other Work’ is NOT a slow month for me 🙂

If I keep saying Garmin Swim 2, I will eventually be right.

But if I say FENIX 4. I think I will be right (I hear a rumour 🙂 or two)



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LOL! :-))


New Garmin registration for watch Model A02614 –