Garmin Forerunner 635 for August ?? (Note the question marks please for this optical HR sports watch)

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Garmin Forerunner 630 Review
Garmin Forerunner 630

There’s a new Garmin registered at the fcc. What it is I have no idea.

We’ve just had a new Garmin Edge cycling computer with the 820.

We’ve just had a new triathlon watch with the 735XT.

surely it’s the turn for the runners with a souped up Forerunner 630?

If the 635 is coming to us in the next few weeks then it will be the 630 with Garmin’s ELEVATE optical HR technology and, maybe, a few extra little bits. Possibly, for example, immediately supporting the next incarnation of Connect IQ, which I believe is imminent.

Will the 635 be very interesting? No, probably not. but it will fill a gap for Garmin.

I’d previously said that the 630 owners who want optical HR should instead buy the 735XT (they will be essentially the same watch but with a few bits enabled/disabled). Well perhaps they can just now buy the 635? We’ll see.

A Garmin Swim (for a slow month) or  Fenix 4-cum-930XT (more likely near Kona Sept/Oct) are also possible.

My 2 (3?) regular readers will have noted that I’ve guessed at just about every possible Garmin watch to come in August. After it’s announced I’ll delete all the wrong posts 🙂 That’ll probably be half the entire content of the site 🙂

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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As well as guessing at what models Garmin might release next, the other game that can be played is guess which feature Garmin will leave out just to ensure that none of their devices quite does everything! The most common one is the barometric altimeter which the 635 almost certainly wouldn’t have which is a big miss if you’ve got used to device that has it and means as much as I like the idea of what a 635 will probably be, I’ll be sticking with my 920XT just a bit longer

Ha ha ha, often!


This is the 935XT if I had to guess. the 635 IS the 735XT.

You’d be hard pressed to squeeze a watch between:
$329 235
$399 630
$449 735XT

I would expect a $549 935XT with “Gen 2” oHR and a barometer. Followed by Fenix 4 with the similar technology in the next 2-4 months (I truly expect October, but who knows). Expect a smaller bezel and better screen on both.


Any details on this being the F4?


Actually, yes, confirmed it is a Fenix 4 (or the Fenix3’s spiritual successor). There will be a stainless steel, titanium version, and an HR version.

Andrea Baruzzi

it might be the Swim


There will not be multiple material versions of the Garmin Swim. This is not it.