Garmin Forerunner 635 for August ?? (Note the question marks please for this optical HR sports watch)

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Garmin Forerunner 630

There’s a new Garmin registered at the fcc. What it is I have no idea.

We’ve just had a new Garmin Edge cycling computer with the 820.

We’ve just had a new triathlon watch with the 735XT.

surely it’s the turn for the runners with a souped up Forerunner 630?

If the 635 is coming to us in the next few weeks then it will be the 630 with Garmin’s ELEVATE optical HR technology and, maybe, a few extra little bits. Possibly, for example, immediately supporting the next incarnation of Connect IQ, which I believe is imminent.

Will the 635 be very interesting? No, probably not. but it will fill a gap for Garmin.

I’d previously said that the 630 owners who want optical HR should instead buy the 735XT (they will be essentially the same watch but with a few bits enabled/disabled). Well perhaps they can just now buy the 635? We’ll see.

A Garmin Swim (for a slow month) or  Fenix 4-cum-930XT (more likely near Kona Sept/Oct) are also possible.

My 2 (3?) regular readers will have noted that I’ve guessed at just about every possible Garmin watch to come in August. After it’s announced I’ll delete all the wrong posts 🙂 That’ll probably be half the entire content of the site 🙂

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