Suunto Spartan Ultra with STRYD Power – now you can even buy it!

suunto-Spartan-Ultra-STRYDYou can now officially buy the Suunto Spartan ULTRA. Or at least so said the email to me today from Suunto Marketing which I am sure many of you also received.

I am not at a stage to produce a review yet only having had about 6 hours worth of sports’ usage out of it. However the unit IS of a very high quality of construction, it looks good and the display looks generally very good too.

On Suunto’s MOVESCOUNT platform there are various pre-defined sport profiles. Suunto call them Sport Modes. These are different pre-defined device configurations for different sports uses. So, for example, there could be profiles that automatically turn off GPS for indoor use and others that display data from certain sensors such as power meters. They are not specifically aimed at configurations for different pieces of kit but rather for different uses – eg racing vs. training where your required display metrics will likely be different.

The Spartan Ultra and Spartan Sport both officially support STRYD’s running POWER sensor. As the graphic below shows there are 3 pre-defined screens, two with 5 metrics/screen, and a 4th breadcrumbed route screen.

Apologies to Suunto for showing the Garmin strap with the STRYD unit. Ooops! It is a nice strap though for the standard-sized pods.


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5 thoughts on “Suunto Spartan Ultra with STRYD Power – now you can even buy it!

  1. Getting Polar V800 2 years ago taught me one thing: don’t listen to what the manufacturers promise or plan. If it’s incomplete, you’ll be stuck for months with exactly what you bought. V800 is still not complete today, and there are so many new watches I could get today for the price I paid then…

    1. this is what STRYD said. by coincidence I had asked them the exact same question!! “The running dynamics, for example vertical oscillation and ground contact time, are pushed through to view in realtime only when using 1) the Stryd mobile app, and 2) the Stryd Connect IQ app on a Connect IQ-compatible watch. Lastly, these metrics are also recorded on the device itself and you can sync these metrics post-run through the offline sync feature of the Stryd Mobile App.”…so I think the simple answer to your question is “No”.

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