Suunto Spartan ULTRA – Manual v1.1 // User Guide

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Suunto Spartan UltraI’m on firmware v1.124 and I guess this is the v1.1 manual that corresponds if any of you are interested.

HERE IS THE: Suunto Spartan Ultra User Guide

And here (sic) is the latest state of play regarding new featurettes.

Suunto Spartan software release 1.1.24

  • Possibility to answer upcoming phone calls on the watch
  • Multisport support for selecting a new sport mode during training
  • Triathlon sport mode to support swim-t1-bike-t2-run sequence
  • Favorite modes shown when starting exercise with an option to select other modes
  • All sport modes updated to show the most relevant values
  • New sport modes e.g. running with power, running on track, interval mode for cycling etc.
  • Vertical speed values available in selected sport modes
  • Breadcrumb view shown in modes where GPS is used
  • New activities: obstacle racing
  • Summary displays autolaps/manuals laps which can be browsed
  • Summary doesn’t show laps if those weren’t used
  • Multisport has some activity specific values
  • Better visual look and feel for displays during sport
  • Move type (i.e. race, interval) stored based on the sport mode type
  • Touch enabled for interactions to go back and forth in various displays
  • Several bug fixes and performance improvements

Coming next

  • Customization of sport modes
  • Android compatibility
  • Peer-to-Peer coaching
  • Personal bests with age group comparisons
  • Progress trends with personal bests
  • Public Training Insights
  • Alarm clock

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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Bernadett Fodor

Hi there,
I had an ambit3 sapphire that has been stilen and I now bought the spartan sport skaura.
how can I use my interval trainings had been built with Movescount and was uploaded to my previous watch. On the spartan I cannot find how to set interval trainings! Can you advise? Many thanks!