Rio Triathlon Predication

I’m going to go out on a limb here. Brownlee will win gold. I’m fairly certain.

Let’s not forget domestique, Gordon Benson. The sacrificial lamb to the triathlon slaughter. Just like Stuart Hays in 2012, Gordon will make it happen mostly on the bike leg, maybe.

As an aside, I was in Bingley very recently visiting family. I tried to find Bingley Harriers’ (of Brownlee fame) running track to take some Suunto Spartan Ultra shots at. Apparently there is no running track 🙁 Let the foreign press speculate at how they became good runners. The answer will lie ‘in them there hills’.

Apparently some of the local pools are being closed down too…someone should start a campaign.

Haven't got a picture of a Brownlee
Haven’t got a picture of a Brownlee. This will do nicely.
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