Write to FIT – Finally SmO2 and THb – MOXY and BSX

So finally the MOXY data field from Connect IQ is allowed by Garmin to write the muscle oxygen data into the FIT file.

Here is proof positive. I turned on a BSX Insight and used a Garmin Edge 820. The BSX paired as a speed/cadence sensor but the MOXY data field showed the SmO2 and THb data perfectly. Uploading to Garmin Connect and VOILA it appeared.

Doesn’t  import into SportTracks though. Suggesting there are yet more changes to the FIT file spec which only Garmin support. Expect problems with 3rd party software. Fit File Repair Tool will fix but no data imported to ST3.1

MOXY-BSX-Write-To-FIT-garmin Connect

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6 thoughts on “Write to FIT – Finally SmO2 and THb – MOXY and BSX

  1. Can I ask how you managed to get it to work, both you and Dc rainmaker make it sound easy, I have followed the normal process of starting the app and can see the data live on my 520, but i get nothing in GC or Sporttracks once the session has finished and been uploaded….

    Dc does say that if you have the data visible then the system doesn’t record (well that is my interpretation of it) but i have tried removing the data field and i still get nothing in GC or Sporttracks.

    Both device firmware are up to date.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. roger at moxy says there are device discrepencies/bugs – garmin to fix. I got it to work with 820. not yet tried 920.

      if it shows in the moxy data field then that was enough for me. I did no special setup.

      sy. wine is inhibiting a more detailed reply

  2. Hi,

    I have just started using a Forerunner 935 and nothing is recorded to the FIT file. In fact BSX told me this is something they are waiting on Garmin for. Any ideas?


    1. are you using the MOXY data field?
      are you starting BSX via the app first on a smartphone
      if it is device specific then unfortunately the 935 is a bit down on my priorities…still busy on f5x and some polar stuff and some PMs

  3. I tried to pair Moxy app to BSX but it seems that nothing works while if i use BSX app it works.
    I don’t understand how you did.

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