Hey Brazil – quit the booing Rio 2016

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I haven’t met many Brazilians. Without exception ALL of those I HAVE met have been very nice people.

My limited experience doesn’t seem to square with the behaviour at Rio. Why all the booing? I think booing at football is fair game (I don’t do it myself) and maybe also at Mr J. Gatlin (drugs cheat). And indeed at any other drugs cheat.

But the Brazilian crowd were at it again today in the volleyball against the Italians.

As I write you, Brazil, have 18 medals including 6 golds and about 380,000 boos – the former of which is a great achievement.

One of the longstanding memories I will have of watching the 2016 Olympics will not be your beautiful country and awesome U23 football team but rather your poor sportsmanship as a crowd.

OK I’m British and the Brits (well, mostly English with the occasional Scot) don’t have a great record of crowd behaviour in football but I’m certainly not one of ‘those’ people. Yet you all seem to boo everything that comes up against a Brazilian. If it were greyhound racing and there was a Brazilian dog would you do the same? Most strange.

Perhaps if you got behind YOUR athletes your medal tally would have been slightly improved. Just a thought. Perhaps there would be an even better impression of your country after the Olympics to boost tourism in the future.

Perhaps if you had got MORE behind the WHOLE SPORTING EVENT then there would have been more funds, from ticket sales, available for the para-Olympics.

As I say. All the Brazilians I ‘ve met have been very nice.

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