PhySoc: How to be an elite cyclist – Science of Cycling

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duathlon-cycling-running-5kAn interesting lecture/video on the Science of elite cycling. Given by The Physiological Society.

Is there any hope for you?

It was quite interesting, for me, to hear many of the Rio athletes attributing much of their success to ‘graft’.

If you think it’s in the genetics then why not get one of Andrew Steele’s DNAFit tests done on YOUR sporting DNA?

Here the video:

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1 thought on “PhySoc: How to be an elite cyclist – Science of Cycling

  1. Is graft what the kids are calling it these days? I suppose EPO Microdosing is a bit unfashionable since the Armstrong debacle…
    I find jelly babies work up to a point, and gels go a bit further. I suppose hard work might work, never really tried that 😉

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