Garmin Fenix Chronos – Diamonds, pearls and gold bullion version

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Fenix Chronos - Detailed ReviewOh dear.

I did predict premium aesthetic forms for Garmin to move into quite some time back.

I was rather hoping the 3 new Fenix models would be the F4 though. Instead, these are glorified F3HRs costing £$£$£$£$.

Summary: Oh well. They do look good though.

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What next from Garmin, a diamond encrusted 910XT for anyone who doesn’t think premium editions of an 18 month old watch isn’t crazy enough? (I know the F3HR isn’t that old but the standard F3 was announced at CES in Jan 2015) At least Apple makes the premium editions available at launch. This scattergun release schedule from Garmin makes me very jittery about buying anything new from them

Yeah the distribution of them may be a challenge for Garmin…I can’t imagine seeing them in my local running shops as they’ll be just too niche.
It just seems that compared to other tech companies they have the product life cycle back to front. You normally wring the life out of early adopters and then release cheaper models for the masses. I guess it’s awkward because the optical HR stuff became available midway through the Fenix 3 life cycle.
Wonder if the release of these means the F4 is a little further away than we might have guessed?