Suunto Spartan Battery Life – proper test + random holiday test

Suunto Spartan Compass Calibration


I’ve amended this post as it was misleading. 31aug I did a loooooong bike ride. I had various gadgets. The SPARTAN ULTRA was in bike mode but only paired with a STRYD HRM (HRV, per second) and had BEST GPS mode. The ride was 8hr45 long and by the end the battery was down to 42% ie it has used 58% in 8hr45. So we might get somewhere close to 16/17 hours in BEST mode for continuous sport usage.

As the original post, below, shows you won’t get 16/17 hours on holiday without re-charging as the normal 247 usage also takes a hit on the battery.


This inadvertent test was because I forgot the charger when going away. So it gives an indicative amount of exercise time you might get whilst also using it as a watch (and playing with it 🙂 )

In ‘Away On Holiday’ Mode

Suunto Spartan ULTRA: Full GPS Accuracy ON but no sensors. Battery fully depleted after 6 days of use as a daytime watch PLUS just under 6 hours of sports usage PLUS fiddling about (which turns the colour screen on). The claimed life for the ULTRA is 18 hours, for a one-off race usage you would probably get over 12 hours…needs testing to PROPERLY verify continuous race/train usage.

COMPARE: Used simultaneously for sports but not as a day-to-day watch ie reduced power used for screen display:

Garmin 920XT – Full GPS+GLONASS, HRV/per-second recording, HRM, PM – 30% remaining with identical sports usage but not wearing as a watch.

I also draw your attention here to a long ride with a 920 and a 820 neither of which lasted 9 hours…although on ULTRATRAC mode the 920 easily lasts over 10 hours.

Polar M450, Garmin Edge 820, Garmin Edge 810, MIO Cyclo 505HC
Polar M450, Edge 820, Edge 810, MIO Cyclo 505HC




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  1. That’s pretty rubbish.. I’ve got a Garmin Fenix and manage to get over a week without GPS use and a week with several runs or a run and ride

  2. In my experience so far battery life seems quite good. I only last about 3% during a 2 hour ride through London with a connected heart rate monitor and GPS on “best”.

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