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OOFOS Recovery Footwear ReviewI like the OOFOS Recovery Sandals.

“How are they marketed as ‘Recovery Footwear’?” you ask.

I suppose professional athletes would lie in bed for many hours to recover. Most of us don’t have that luxury with our regular lives. So these sandals are designed to minimise impact for us throughout the post-race day.

You can do that with insoles, like SORBOTHANE, however changing insoles can be a bit of a smelly faff.

The OOFOS in the picture are what I’ve worn for a few days. I’m not sure if they have specifically helped me to recover any faster than I otherwise would have. HOWEVER they are very, spongy/comfortable and would seem to support the impact-absorption claim made by the manufacturer.

They are spongy to the point where you could probably run on them! The manufacturers also claim that the sponginess is maintained for life, which I’m less sure about.

I have a normal/low-normal arch. They do support my arch very nicely.

You can see, below, that the sole is NOT FLAT but rather it is convex.

OOFOS Recovery Footwear Review

This sort of ‘rocker-bottom’ sole was popularised a while back by footwear company MTB who did attract some concerns about some of their shoe designs. These shoe types actually make the ankle/calf work MORE than normal.

However the OOFOS are LESS convex than the likes of MTB and so have a gentler effect. I would say they do work my calves more than regular cushioned shoes would do. I would say that is more of a massaging effect than an exercise effect.


  • They are cushioned
  • They may help calf recovery with a massaging effect, potentially good for runners.
  • I’ll probably use them from time-to-time

Buy here: Approximately UK GBP40.00

Disclaimer: The manufacturer supplied me with a free pair.

Supplier Link: oofos.co.uk

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