Flipbelt Review and quick look

Flip BeltDo you know what really annoys me?

A: It’s running with a smartphone.

So most of the time I simply don’t do it. My brain loves the pleasure of its own company and works with my eyes to admire the view.

A sports watch is all I need most of the time.

However the problem I have is that quite a few of the things I test REQUIRE a smartphone to be permanently connected through Bluetooth. so I normally have to use one of those armbands. I find them annoying. Really annoying.

That’s why I’m giving a quick heads-up to FLIPBELT. It’s a waist belt that you put stuff in and that you can run with. No doubt there are many alternatives, this one works for me.

As the diagram shows there are lots of pockets for your stuff, even energy gels, and a hook to REALLY ensure you don’t lose keys. Many, but not all, of my running tops have pockets for a key but as I say NOT ALL of them do. The hook is handy and the multiple pouches mean that a key in one will not ‘bang’ against anohter item in another pouch and scratch it.

The FLIPBELT’s construction stops bouncing and chaffing and does not need a zip to keep the ‘things’ in the any of the 4 ‘pockets’.

You need to buy the right size for your waist as it is not adjustable. It can naturally sit over your hips/running shorts rather than onto the skin of your stomach.

There are other colour options and other slightly different variants on the one I have. The Amazon reviews are >70% for 5/5. So it is good.

Downside: Edit 2019. I still use it from time-to-time. The only issue I have with it is that it get wet from sweat (obviosuly). But if I have my phone in a pocuh then it too would get wet. So I have to put the phone in a waterproof plastic cover and then squeeze that into the phone-sized pouch. It’s a bit annoying if I then have to do anything on the phone as it takes a while to extricate it from its stashing point. If ‘OK Google’ works then all is good 😉

Price: about GBP25 Link, or USD25 Link

Not cheap. I guess you’d spend £/$5-10 on an annoying armband.

Disclaimer: I got a free sample from the supplier

Supplier Link: flipbelt.co.uk

  • Q: You can’t believe everything you read in reviews, do I REALLY use it?
  • A: Yes. I’m using it today to further my testing of KINEMATIX TUNE.


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