TomTom Runner3 Spark3 – What's new under the hood?

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img_4832We’ve already seen the announcements from the very busy TomTom R&D department with the new Runner3/SPARK3, The Adventurer and the Touch. But what has changed from last year’s Runner2/SPARK?

The Touch is obviously a new product entirely. So that’s 100% new.

The Adventurer and Runner3/Spark3 both LOOK like the same hardware/form as the previous iteration.

But are they?

A: No

Here’s what is different

  1. The Adventurer boasts a new barometric/pressure sensor for a more accurate elevation change reading than one obtained from GPS satellites alone.
  2. The compass is also new.
  3. The GPS is new.

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NB the optical HR is the same as previously. The new hardware components may or may not have some impact on battery even though battery life is quoted as unchanged. For example, an improved GPS chip will likely improve the battery life to ‘some degree’ although the GPS chip could merely be to accommodate the Adventurer’s ability to turn itself on less frequently in hiking mode to prolong battery life in hiking mode.

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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i like the adventurer, looks promising


Is it possible to create sport profiles? as far as i´ve seen mainly running and cycling profiles are by default added. i do lots of cross country skiing and stuff. Would be awesome to create sport profiles online with differnt watch faces.


where did you hear the GPS chipset changed/improved?


Awesome. Is it changed for both the Spark3 and the Adventurer? Do you know if either can be charged while in use?