Lezyne GPS Bike Computers – How do they stack up as a range?

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Lezyne-Super-Micro-Gps-Cycling-computer Lezyne-Super-Macro-Micro-Mini-Gps-Cycling-computer

The Lezyne range of cycling computers are certainly interesting and often overlooked. They are better known amongst MTB riders for their ruggedness. But essentially there is no reason why you wouldn’t use one on the road or in the ‘shed of pain’ over the winter.

As a range they are well made and have all the numbers you will need..power/speed/cadence/HR and others, LOTS of numbers 🙂

Perhaps they are not as polished as some of the higher-end Garmins like the new Edge 820. You won’t yet find GROUP TRACK or CIQ or SM02 or FE-C or INCIDENT DETECTION on a Lezyne BUT you will find TBT navigation (on some), triathlon abilities on others (note to self, review!) as well as Strava Live Segments, breadcrumb mapping, alerts, SMS/Email notifications, GLONASS, FIT files, an occasional colour screen and lots of other stuff.

So, for most people, they are more than adequate for the job…training, racing, group rides, turbo.

They are also well priced from US$85 to US$200 ie from GBP £80 to GBP £150.

I’ve owned a Lezyne Super GPS for about a year. I use it on one particular bike, mainly because I can’t be bothered to change the mount over to fit another brand. It works perfectly fine and NEVER crashes. It’s my fail-safe backup for some rides with other watches and almost always seems to save the FIT file where others might sometimes (ahem, OFTEN) fail. It’s a bit quirky in some aspects of the partially scrollable display and, for some unknown reason, picks up non-paired PMs when it can’t find mine. But it’s good on the whole and my model was recently superseded by the ENHANCED Super GPS model.

They also have running and hiking variants

<Here> is my short review of the Lezyne Super GPS. Oh yes, it has 24 hours of battery life. Not bad. Not bad at all. Oh yes it’s ANT+ compatible. Oh and BTLE as well…

Have a look at the other models here:

UK: Link

US: Link

Lezyne specifications Sheet: External Link to manufacturer (site 80mb).


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