HEVER Castle Triathlon: Half-Iron Distance Kit Choice : To Garmin or not to Garmin. That is a question.

Castle Triathlon Mizuno Garmin

Should I ? Or shouldn’t I?

Do I go Garmin for the Hever HIM this weekend? I know the Garmin Forerunner 920XT will be fine as will the Garmin HRM-TRI. I have some new apps to try out on the Garmin Edge 820 from XERT that are super cool. The Garmin footpod is a necessity to know how fast I am running. The Mizuno Waverider 19s are probably perfect for this kind of course for me, especially with the elastic laces. Although mine are worn out from over-use!! So I’ll have to go with the Waverider 17s shown (from my year of injury, so they still have 13 miles left in them).

Downsides?: The Edge 820 may well not make and record the whole distance and may require the odd mid-hill reboot.

On the other hand (foot) are the Sketchers GoRun 4. They’re lighter than the Waverider. Not really what I should run in for a HM but they might get me round 13 miles with a bit of luck, despite the somewhat flattened and compressed sole. I like the 4iiii Viiiiva V100 HRM as both a HRM and BTLE-to-ANT signal converter. I’ll be wearing my best and smartest tri-suit so, with style in mind, the Suunto SPARTAN ULTRA could make a first race-debut. Then again I’m supposedly getting the SPARTAN SPORT today which is a bit more sensibly thinner for wetsuit usage. The Lezyne Super GPS is a near no-brainer as it always works.

In reality I’m going to bike with 10s power and instant-HR, so pretty much any cycling computer will give me that info. In reality I can pace a HM by feel. In reality all I do when swimming is record HR and press the lap button at the end. Shoes are more important than electronics so on that note I think the Waverider is probably best!!

Decisions, decisions. What should I do? What do you do?

Actually, 3rd instalment of KUDOS points for anyone who can guess what kit will end up being used. I think I’ve decided.


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  1. V800 for run pace with Adidas BTLE footpod if you must, Garmin 520 for bike data if you have to look at something. Adios Boost with lock laces for the feet, why mess around with anything else. Really just wear any watch and hit HR Zone 5 all they way 😉

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