BSX Insight: LVL Hydration Band MASSIVELY exceeds kickstarter target



BSX’s Kickstarter campaign for the LVL hydration monitor is over 12.5x ahead of their initial funding goal of $50,000

This will be an activity tracker that also has optical HR and hydration level measurement.

The solution will be brought together by a smartphone app and I have seen some of the research papers that purport to offer good accuracy.


PROBLEMS?: I don’t see any problems with this per se. If you wanted an activity tracker that also tracks HR from a band on your wrist then you get hydration as an extra.

In reality the issues this product has to overcome TO MAKE IT A REAL WINNER will likely be:

  1. SMARTPHONE APP :: this will probably be fine for a mass market audience. The sporty type though will want broadcastable ANT+ levels of hydration, essentially for their Garmin. Many people DO NOT WANT YET ANOTHER APP. They want INTEGRATION.
  2. ANT+:: for ANT+ data to work then CIQ data fields need to be developed (no biggy if the broadcasting exists) so that it can be seen and acted upon.
  3. OPTICAL HR :: If BSX can make this broadcast HR over ANT+ and BTLE they are on to a winner.
  4. OPTICAL HR ACCURACY  :: many vendors have struggled with this. If BSX are aiming for the mass market and people who just want 247 HR monitoring (as opposed to sports usage) then pretty much any solution will likely give a broadly acceptable value. Not the same for sports/fitness.

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