Garmin Fenix 4 – 2016 looking LESS likely to say the least.

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The image above says it all really. Source: Connect IQ Devices Biker Monkey vs. Aikido Monkey

All of the circled AIKIDO products WILL be replaced…soon

At least in part the Fenix Chronos is the Fenix 4/Fenix 5. It’s not just a pimped up, shiny Fenix 3. there is at least something different inside. We know that the firmware developers on the Fenix 3 need a little more oomph in their hardware. The Fenix 4 is not so far away.

Fenix4 could still be a KONA-announcement although I think that unlikely. KONA is only days away and if Garmin wanted to start selling things for Christmas they would want to have the volume to ship soon after KONA as retailers bail out of Fenix3 inventories on Cyber Monday/Black Friday. With all that new Fenix 4/Fenix 5 stock scuttling all over a global distribution network with orders placed by massive retailers it would be likely that some info would have already leaked out. AFAIK there is no such info.

If there were to be a 2016 Fenix 4/Fenix 5 then Mr Rainmaker would already have a pre-production unit ABOUT NOW. So if he denies one is impending then we can rule out 2016 – he seems an honest chap.

If a 920XT or Fenix 4/Fenix 5 were announced at KONA with no supporting stock (possible) then retailers would justifiably be annoyed as they would find it harder to shift existing Fenix 3/920XT stocks.

So Q1.2016 would be the earliest for a Fenix 4/Fenix 5 IMO. Why not January, after the sales?

There have been Sept/October announcements of new products from Garmin in previous years (eg 920xt). My money would be on a Vivo-junior or a Vivo-kids model. That would be a perfect Christmas product. The LeapPad people have such products – I was going to do a spoof review months ago but thought better of it!

Thinking about it though. People start buying their sports gadgets leading up to and during Spring. So 2017 could be a Garmin-tastic year with a 930Xt, 635/640, 240/245, Edge 1030/1010.

Perhaps my longed-for Swim 2 and Epix 2 will never make the light of day in reality.



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Why not the 930xt with the square face and built in HRM?


I looked at the same iq page earlier and as of today I’d only consider buying the 735xt


lol I didn’t pay that much for my one lifetime (longines) watch 8 years ago. Sure does look nice but without user replaceable batteries it’ll be physically scrap in 3 years and much sooner in software terms. At least with buying the non-sporting TAG smart watch there is a upgrade path, although I see it as an overly expensive way to end up with a nice horological piece at the end of two years


I’ll not be jumping from the good ship Polar on a whim as that’d mean new scales, new foot pod, new everything. waiting on the V800 successor….