Suunto Spartan – STRYD and ANT+ Bridging from 4iiii Viiiiva


STRYD (above) – It’s a running power meter based in a proprietary, multi-band HRM. Good integration with the SPARTANs. It just ‘works’ if you ONLY PAIR it as a HRM.


Running-power data also gets shown as all other ‘normal’ metrics on MOVESCOUNT. I expect to play more with STRYD and SPARTAN over the next year.

4iiii Viiiiva V100 – It’s a caching HRM that also converts ANT+ signals to Bluetooth LE ie for the Spartan. I had a bit of trouble getting this to work. With firmware v1.2.0 it seems to work, before it did not seem to work. Unlike the STRYD I had to pair it BOTH as a HRM and as a bike POWER POD. It will not cache for the SPARTAN, only for the 4iiii app (which you can export data from).

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As the (poor) image below shows, power IS transmitted to the SPARTAN from my ANT+ -only PM via the Viiiiva V100. There appeared to be a delay in the SPARTAN picking up the power levels compared to the 3s power levels on the 820 – but that could be the fault of the 4iiii which seems to be stuck on an old firmware version that I can’t upgrade from.

Cadence did seem also to get passed through to MOVESCOUNT when I FURTHER PAIRED it as a bike pod.  The HR seems to be missing today, whereas last night it was definitely working. I’ll update this post with more testing.

The Viiiiva also supports footpods. I had problems with the Viiiiva feeding a Polar V800 that data and haven’t tried with the Suunto. I might if anyone is interested.

So I’m a bit confused about this behaviour. The STRYD pairs as a HRM and then silently and simultaneously pairs as a PM. The Viiiiva seems to be required to pair for each sensor type.

Having said that I’m confused I guess it does not really matter once you have it set up.

Interesting point: I expect Polar to bring out a product with similar bridging functionality very soon. Read this: Polar H7i. This will almost certainly work with the SPARTAN too.

Recommendation: Don’t buy an ANT-only PM on the basis of this post for your SPARTAN!! It should be OK tho.

ANT+ power to the SPARTAN via Viiiiva




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