Suunto Spartan SPORT vs Garmin 920XT – Open Water Swim GPS Track

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sss-920xt-swimThis is my 1500m weekend swim course. I do it a LOT.

The SPARTAN is in RED and clearly the track is not as good as that of the 920XT. The SPARTAN seems to have me swimming backwards in places which is clearly wrong. I may be bad but I’m not THAT bad.

The 920XT’s algorithm seems to take notice of fewer GPS points (or the SSS takes note of more). Whichever way you see that happening I just know what the track should look like and the Garmin is quite a bit closer to today’s reality and their algorithm works better, IMO.

The Garmin had me doing c1600m and the SPARTAN SPORT had me doing c1800m. I probably swam 1550m.

I’ll keep this post short as there is not much more than can be meaningfully said.

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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Toni Pons

why do not you compare well with polar v800?
I think that the real test would be more serious in a straight line as in open water


Could you repeat this test with the new Garmin 935, please?