Running Stats – Best Ever AND Gadgetry I'm Looking Forward To

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To put our gadgetry into perspective – I had my best ever running stats today:

  • ‘Good Mornings’ sent/received – 11/3 [Total 14 or 1.40/km]
  • Gates opened for cyclists/other people – 3
  • Injuries – 0 (niggle)
  • Smile ratio – 1.5/km
  • Under-Control to Out-of-Control Dogs Ratio – 7:1

I thought the above light-hearted comments might not be appreciated too much so here are some more personal thoughts on the gadgets that I’m looking forward to for you tech-lovers. Some known, some dreamed about. 2016 got off to a hopeful start but seems to be fizzling out a bit at the moment:

  1. New Polar caching, H7i HRM probably with running dynamics and ant+ conversion. Squirmingly exciting that, of course, a watch should accompany it.
  2. The LVL Hydration Monitoring Band from BSX – Something that should be useful and actionable.
  3. Replacement to the 920XT – [930/935XT]. It’s hard to see what could be added to the 920XT to make it better other than to make it look totally different whilst keeping the same, working features. But those clever people at Garmin will hopefully pleasantly surprise us all.
  4. I want a bit more of my CP curve on my Edge (or any cycling computer). There must be a lot more than can be done with CP data WHILST RIDING. I’m talking about your Edge knowing your actual/predicted power levels at every duration and being able to use that to predict what should you should be able to do for the rest of your ride/segment/interval/effort. This would also take into account fatigue and anaerobic/aerobic capacities and fuel sources. XERT have some interesting CIQ apps along these lines ( <= more than what is in that link). C’mon WAHOO, CATEYE, LEZYNE get cracking on the R&D it’s sports’ science not rocket science.
  5. Along a similar vein I want a much better HRV in-ride or in-run analysis of the stresses my body is going through and some . I suppose Garmin do most in this area but I do worry when my 920 and Edge show QUITE different things. We’ve recently seen the announcement from ithlete where they import Garmin historic data and combine it with ithlete’s HRV morning readiness data. But I still want more than that, even though what ithlete have done already looks better than most.

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