New RunScribe PRO – Gen 2 Hits The Streets

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The new generation of the ‘running form/gait’ product RUNSCRIBE has now been released to a waiting running world.

I’ve just opened up and charged up the two pods and I’m contemplating going for a run.

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The whole package is physically very well put together and the components all ooze quality construction.

That doesn’t mean it works of course!! But the first generation product was generally well received and so I have high hopes for this one.

The two RUNSCRIBE pods are each nearly identical to Garmin FOOTPODS.

You can buy the RunScribe PRO <here> directly from the manufacturer at US$199. Not cheap, but how much is a PR/PB worth to you and how much could you save in fees for physio’s for injury rehab?

Edit: Thoughts and/or review to follow after I’ve used them a bit but after one run it does look quite impressive.



V3 PLUS Pricing: USA $250, UK/EU GBP250


If you want to get a pair of RunScribe pods now before my review (tut, tut) you can buy direct from RunScribe in the USA using the image links below or from NewRunningGear in the UK. I suspect, like STRYD, that RunScribe will NOT find its way onto Amazon in the USA at all and will only find its way onto Amazon in the UK if NewRunningGear put it there.

Either image link supports this blog in a small way. Thank you.

USA: Click for 10% off Runscribe – Discount automatically applied
Clicks to UK/EU distributor use 10% code SCtfk10 on checkout


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