Speedo Biofuse Finger Paddles

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Speedo Biofuse Finger Paddles

I think the Amazon man is really Father Christmas don’t you? Except he comes FAR more often.

I went to a Speedo drop-in class a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting but it turned out to be a half-useful session-cum-sales pitch for their products.

I have most of their products in my collection anyway so I was a little shocked to discover the Finger Paddles. I confess to never using them before on the grounds that “they will be like proper paddles but a bit rubbish and smaller”.

Once again I was wrong.

Regular paddles build strength and, IMO, help with technique too.

The finger paddles are focussed on technique. Even though they are small, funnily enough just a bit bigger than all of your fingers, they REALLY help me with initiating the catch and feeling my technique in the first part of the stroke. I was surprised at how useful they were. They will form a regular training staple over the winter.

I’ve only used them a couple of times and they were WELL WORTH £6. Nearly as useful as a pull buoy (OK that’s taking it too far, they are good tho)

No I’m not going to do a review on them. I’ve already run out of things to say 🙂

Summary: Cheap as chips stocking filler. When you give them as a present to a loved one don’t forget to moan/lie that all the cheap ones had sold out and you had to buy one at the bizarre price of £26 that seems to be shown sometimes.
flag-icon-usa-the5krunner-37x37 $11.91 <link> flag-icon-uk-the5krunner-37x37 £6.44 <link> flag-icon-germany-the5krunner-37x37 Eur 12.88 <link>

flag-icon-spain-the5krunner-50x37eur 11.95 <link> flag-icon-france-the5krunner-37x37 Eur 10.36 <link> flag-icon-canada-the5krunner-37x37 CDN$16.15 <link>

PS. Yes I did buy them.

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2 thoughts on “Speedo Biofuse Finger Paddles

  1. Out of interest, which speedo session were you at?
    I actually already had the finger paddles, but found some of the suggested ways of wearing them interesting and they certainly have improved the benefits I feel I’m getting

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