suunto-spartan-menu-ultra-sportSuunto claim to have addressed GPS accuracy issues experienced by some users, see below. Release v1.4.6.624/10Nov2016

I’ve had some good experiences with GPS accuracy of the existing version <here> so, no doubt, the situation will be made worse for me and better for others 🙂 we shall see. I will say it how I find it either way AND put up the FIT files in a test against ‘something else’. I won’t be able to test this for a couple of weeks due to ‘other work’ and life in general.

Along with HR issues, which again I did not experience, this should resolve some of the more serious bugs affecting some users.

Some significant bugs in the SPORT are also addressed ie making the triathlon mode work properly (will also apply to the ULTRA but it is more important for the SPORT)

There are new features but I would have thought that it would be better to enable the editing of sports modes. I’m not going to play with ANYTHING else until that is done as my time (and yours) is limited.



Spartan Ultra & Spartan Sport watch firmware release 1.4.6


  • A fix to GPS signal filtering, reducing the number of cases with large location offsets in GPS tracking experienced by some users.
  • Move data compressed to fit show more workouts in logbook on watch
  • Improved quality of running cadence measured from wrist by removing unreal spikes and drops
  • Fixes made to avoid unnecessary watch resets during firmware update

New features

  • Autopause feature pauses the exercise when speed is close to zero. This feature can be found in exercise options in the watch, or in sport mode setting in
  • Training load duration is now shown more accurately, using one minute resolution.
  • New week summary view for steps on left side of daily activity view

Bug fixes

  • More consistent HR tracking during workouts. This fix addresses the occurrence of a flat-line in HR tracking affecting some users.
  • Compass declination setting is no longer lost after syncing with Movescount
  • Recovery time is now calculated accurately
  • Swimming distance differed from Movescount summary
  • Triathlon transition view did not appear
  • Cycling power was not found during triathlon cycling leg
  • Altitude was flat in Triathlon move
  • Altitude not shown any more in outdoor swimming
  • Fixed crash when navigating during running move
  • Stopwatch shows reset button even when stopwatch time count is already zero
  • Move type was not stored in Move

Known issues

  • Cycling power with intervals multisport causes UI to loose colors until refreshed by scrolling
  • Altitude is still shown in outdoor swimming

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