GPS Tests (Bike) – Surprise Winner … MIO Cyclo !!

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gps-test-route-1a-17kmLoaded up with 7 sports watches and a mobile phone I braved my ‘standardised’ GPS test route. This time on a bike.

Relative caution required a sensible pace as it involved riding on paths to follow the ‘correct’ run route.

The route is shown in the image to the right and described in more detail along with the test methodology <here>. Predominantly it’s for running tests.

The raw FIT/TCX files are available <here< in a public folder along with an analysis spreadsheet of the results (there are three tabs in the spreadsheet).

In a nutshell:

  1. My mobile phone was rubbish
  2. The V800 redeemed itself from a flawed run result performing excellently on the bike
  3. The surprise and CLEAR winner was the MIO CYCLO 505. This has set the benchmark result that I doubt will be beaten.
  4. With GLONASS enabled, the 235 didn’t improve on the previous GPS-only run result
  5. I used the TomTom Adventurer but am having problems getting the raw file. TBA. (The current leader in the run is the TomTom Runner 3)
  6. The Edge 820, Polar M400 and Polar M450 were all ‘Ok’.
  7. If you wear sufficient amounts of long-sleeved clothing it is possible to hide the stupidity of using a large number of GPS devices ­čÖé

I used the GhostRacer app on my Hauwei mobile phone. It was probably the phone that was rubbish rather than the app. The great thing with the GhostRacer app is that it should also work on the M600, I might test that combination at some point in the future.

Next up soon: Another run with the Polar V800, Suunto Spartan ULTRA, Polar M600 and maybe either the Polar M400 or Epson SF-820 or Garmin Forerunner 920XT.


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