Lezyne – firmware updates and master / hard reset info

Lezyne make some interesting devices and I reviewed the super GPS cycling computer a while back with a relatively recent update to the review <here>.

One of their more interesting models (that I haven’t had hands-on time with) is the wrist-based Enhanced Micro C – colour GPS watch – as shown to the right (it has TBT navigation and STRAVA segments). An interesting format for a running watch from what started out as a cycling device.

I do like the Super GPS and, indeed, actually use it. It is a little quirky in terms of the menus, buttons and setup but once that’s done it’s mostly good-to-go with little going wrong.

What I have a gripe about is the customer service

Essentially there isn’t any. Or at least that’s how it seems.

I have never, ever had a single response from them or their distributor on any technical issue. I did have a response from their marketing team but not on a technical issue.

Essentially I thought I was going more crazy than normal and was convinced, for probably over a year, that my power meter WHICH WAS CORRECTLY PAIRED BY ANT ID was actually sometimes being ignored and it was pairing to whoever-I-was-riding-with’s PM at the time.

With the advent of the newer models superseding the Super-GPS I imagined that firmware updates from this small company may have taken an understandable backseat.

Well today, here comes a firmware upgrade finally sorting out what is a relatively serious bug AFTER A YEAR. C’mon guys at least communicate- and yes I am sure hidden on a page somewhere on the blog there is some reference.

Super GPS:

  • Improved Ant+ sensor connection
  • Fixed Ant+ pairing to only pair with the same sensor after restarting the GPS
  • Improved Shimano D-Fly Di2 auto reconnect
  • Ant+ power meter battery reporting now percentage based
  • Refined power calculations with crank and wheel based Ant+ power meters
This also reminds me that on my next GPS test I will have to use the Lezyne to see how ‘Super’ it really is.
And for my own reference and anyone else with a Super GPS I’ll just store the master/hard/factory reset instructions here as well. You never know when these things come in handy.
Hard Reset
To perform a Hard Reset on your device hold the Power/Back and Menu buttons down for a full 45 seconds. It should end with a blank screen at which point you can power the unit on. Run updater again. Please allow for the updater to run to completion. It will prompt you to unplug the device when it is finished.


Bootloader Mode (if Hard Reset doesn’t do the trick)
Bootloader is a hardware wired mode that automatically puts your Lezyne GPS into a firmware update. If you updated your device and now your screen is blank and not reacting, this is the fix. Open the Lezyne GPS Updater on your computer, when it reads “Please Connect Your Lezyne GPS Device” hold the Menu and Lap buttons down on your GPS Device while simultaneously plugging in the included Micro USB cord. Once the device is plugged in you can release the buttons and the updater will automatically start uploading the new firmware onto your device. Please allow for the updater to run to completion. It will prompt you to unplug the device when it is finished.

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6 thoughts on “Lezyne – firmware updates and master / hard reset info

  1. Curious if the firmware update fixed the issue of pairing to other people’s sensors & not picking up your own? For the second year in a row I’ve done Dirty Kanza without cadence or HR reafings because of this issue. Support is virtually nonexistent, thinking of getting the wahoo bolt.

      1. Update — I had the Year 9 (first generation) Super GPS — they never did fix the sensor pairing issue. Instead they rolled out the Year 10, with more features and more support, and by all appearances abandoned the Year 9.

        I bought a Wahoo Bolt shortly after I posted this. After 6 months, ~3000+ miles, including a couple century+ races, I have not had a single problem with it. The navigation has been a revelation — I’ve never really thought navigation on a computer was very important because I usually know where I am and I can read a map, but since I have it anyway it’s turned out to be rock solid and a great feature — especially during the race when I forgot my cue sheets.

        The Lezyne still works and I still have it, and for someone who isn’t that interested in data from sensors it’s a great option, but ultimately I found the Wahoo to be just as reliable and much better. Also, third-party mounting hardware actually exists for the Wahoo.

  2. Hahaha…..a year later and they’re still having issues with these GPS units.

    I have one and it was a waste of money,nothing but problems.

    If anyone buys one of these GPS units after ALL the bad reviews,then they deserve the headaches that go with it.

    Lezyne simply cannot get it together. They rolled out a product and actually made it worse as time went on. Bugs and Glitches Galore,yet they still feel the need to “improve” the firmware……why don’t they just fix the current and past issues before they move forward creating more newer issues.

    1. yeah i had initial issues with the WATCH C. but the super gps is pretty solid in my experience. i regularly use it as a ‘backup’ deivce on super long rides as i know it will be the only unit working at the end

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