STRAVA – UK Runners' 1 billion metres climbed and more interesting facts

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All of the UK’s runners added together in 2016 climbed 1 billion metres. That’s a very big hill. The rest of the world managed an additional 5 billion. C’mon Switzerland, do  your worst. You need more people.

When is the most STRAVAest Runningest day? 11th September of course. Anywhere in the world, on that day EVERYONE logs something on STRAVA. Well most people do. Men, women, red, white, whatever. 11th September.

People in London are rubbish right? Well they might be, but they are the fastest in the UK averaging 5:19/km. Glasgow and Middlesborough weren’t far behind, you can make your own regional stereotype for that one.

Hillliest Average run? London again? err no. POWYS at 162m. that’s an AVERAGE remember.162! wow! I must do that in a month in London 🙂 Nice job POWYS.

Flattest UK run on average is not East Anglia. Actually it’s Lincolnshire at 11m. That’s near enough East Anglia though.

Longest average moving time in the UK was exactly one hour in HIGHLANDS (Scotland, I guess).

Cyclists, of course, do NOT go cycling on 11th September as most of them are doing their annual run. Cyclist cycle most on Sunday 8th May in the UK…same for men and women. Fastest UK cyclists are in ARDS. (STRAVA do own a spellchecker so that probably exists and I don’t know how to use Google maps…probably N. Ireland)

Naturally Richmond Park (of Zac Goldsmith fame) has the two most over-used segments. The deer dodgers go crazy on “Lower Sawyer” and “Richmond Gate to the Car Park at  Queen’s Road”, the latter being the more popular of those 2.

<Here> are the full list of STRAVA facts for 2016. Obviously super accurate figures with half a month still to go.


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