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Stance fusion running run sock men women male femaleOne of my LEAST favourite things is slipping on my ‘special’ TKMAX running socks. They are 100% sock but also 100% man-made fibre. Sweaty and horrible after about 12 minutes. I have a really nice popped blister on the end of one of my toes.

I digress from the subject of the photo.

I went to an ‘event’ last night and got a free pair of socks – Stance Fusion Kinetic (womens), I think.

Here they are lining up for a little sojourn with Runscribe Pro’s Gaitmeister and Mr Comfy Waverider 19 from Mizuno (soooooo 2015 darling).

They are good quality running socks made from different fabric modules: some for wicking; some for grip; some for looking awesome. They are lightweight.

Did anyone spot the product placement in this post? Thought not.

Summary: Socks

Alternatives: Many (but not from TKMAX)



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Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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Pippa @ Pip in Motion

I need to stop buying cheap socks. They are the worst.


Balega hidden comfort are good socks


buy better shoes, then you won’t need the socks 😉


Darn tough socks.. end of discussion 🙂


Yes.. these are they..

Never had a blister and after a year of running still look as new


The right pair of this great socks will not only improve your run but will also give you the support you need to run faster.