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Stance fusion running run sock men women male femaleOne of my LEAST favourite things is slipping on my ‘special’ TKMAX running socks. They are 100% sock but also 100% man-made fibre. Sweaty and horrible after about 12 minutes. I have a really nice popped blister on the end of one of my toes.

I digress from the subject of the photo.

I went to an ‘event’ last night and got a free pair of socks – Stance Fusion Kinetic (womens), I think.

Here they are lining up for a little sojourn with Runscribe Pro’s Gaitmeister and Mr Comfy Waverider 19 from Mizuno (soooooo 2015 darling).

They are good quality running socks made from different fabric modules: some for wicking; some for grip; some for looking awesome. They are lightweight.

Did anyone spot the product placement in this post? Thought not.

Summary: Socks

Alternatives: Many (but not from TKMAX)



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  1. The right pair of this great socks will not only improve your run but will also give you the support you need to run faster.

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