2016 – Year in review – Endurance Sports Gadgets


I’ve enjoyed 2016 and I hope you all have too.


The overarching stand-out theme for me for 2016 was “Stuff is starting to look good”: Garmin, Polar, Suunto and many others have produced some really pretty bits of kit.

My product highlight of the year has to be the Suunto SPARTAN. I fully appreciate all the ‘issues’ around the product and its release schedule.

It was my highlight as it provided a great source of debate and also an insight into the technical & marketing difficulties around delivering a replacement to a much-respected and technically rich product (AMBIT3).

My wish would have been that it went better for Suunto.

Next would come the new STRYD power meter footpod. I’m looking forward to using power more as a tool for my training as well as querying it’s super-accuracy for footpod-sourced pace/speed.

Then would come Polar’s M600 and A360. Both great for their own markets. Awesome-looking products.

The low point of the year would be my failure to predict the correct release of Garmin’s 930XT/935XT,  Fenix 4 and Polar’s V800 replacement. Apologies. Q1.2017 awaits for hopefully two of those! And of course it’s the Fenix 5 not Fenix 4 (ahem). I loved the market-leading feature-set of Garmin’s Edge 820 yet am still not happy with how it’s working (it’s not) nor am I happy with my Garmin 920XT which seems to be playing up as soon as the warranty expired…grrrrr…maybe I’ll buy a 5th replacement next year.

Here were some of my biggest talking points in 2016.


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    1. nice
      Battery life up to 8H in training mode, 10 days in time mode
      • Wrist hr measurement and 24/7 activity tracking
      • Slim & lightweight design with 50 meter water resistance
      • Integrated GPS with real-time breadcrumb view
      • Sport-specific training modes for triathlon, running, and overall training

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