Christmas Spoiler – Here is what you’ll get. Christmas-time is Garmin-time.

Garmin HRM-SWIM 920XT 735XTSorry about this. I’m just about to spoil your Christmas as I know what you’ve got from Santa.

Here are some Christmas sales stats and these were the top 7 selling sports watches(*) through the awesomely-priced Amazon links over there to the right =>

Many thanks for your support and in no particular order:

I’m not quite sure where the Vivoactive sales came from as I’ve never reviewed that. Oh well. Thank you very much anyway.

Despite my best efforts to the contrary, you all seem to have gone for the short-termism of known features (fair enough) and not bought into the Suunto SPARTANs as a long term bet. And that is just as Suunto have announced (yesterday) that they now support editable sports modes. Along with the GPS (which I found great on the ULTRA but not on the SPORT) being fixed in a few weeks some of you could always make a judicious use of Amazon’s generous returns policy.

There is also a distinct absence of Polar products there. As I said in (this) post, if I get products late from the manufacturer then my reviews don’t rank highly enough. Potential buyers look for a review of a Polar M600 and get taken to a generic ad-based tech site where, no doubt, they are bombarded with on-site adverts from competitor products through the wonders of Google’s AdWords. Oh well. Just sayin’. I’m easy either way.

(Here’s) what I will be getting and what I have got for other people.

* Edit: Of course there will be many more Fitbit-like sales elsewhere at Christmas but not from people who read this blog it seems.

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