Suunto Spartan Trainer – Looks like it’s imminent


Edit: Here is the announcement with a fairly detailed initial look

I’m taking a well-deserved break from the festive gin to bring news of the impending arrival of the Suunto Spartan Trainer as discovered by javaski03.

It’s probably a cut-down version of the SPARTAN ULTRA/SPORT with Amazon stating these features:

  • Battery life up to 8H in training mode, 10 days in time mode
  • Wrist hr measurement and 24/7 activity tracking
  • Slim & lightweight design with 50 meter water resistance
  • Integrated GPS with real-time breadcrumb view
  • Sport-specific training modes for triathlon, running, and overall training

Looks like the GPS bump really is back.

We’ve already seen the images a while back (here).

Edit: And yet the announcement is for the SPARTAN SPORT Wrist oHR.



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15 thoughts on “Suunto Spartan Trainer – Looks like it’s imminent

  1. I already have it saved to my wish list. With the disaster the Spartan Ultra was/is, i’m a bit skeptical as to what Suunto is putting out here. I’ve had nothing but issue after issue with my Fenix 3HR (and other Garmin watches) and have wanted to push off from the company, but there has been literally nothing on the market that compares with the sheer magnitude of options/functions Garmin provides.

    Perhaps with a Valencell OHRM attached and a supposed profile this watch is touting, the Spartan Trainer might be a winner? Honestly i’m waiting for reviews and comments at least a month after launch before I make the investment. Where I live, outside training isn’t the best until at least midway through May (sub-zero temps haunt us even in April), so i’m in no rush, but I do want something that I have been working with leading into the warm season.

    Here’s to a good device?

    1. best advice: don’t touch a new Garmin for 6 months
      next best advice: don’t be wowed by features. Just be wowed by **FEATURES YOU NEED**.

      I’ve not got my hands on the TRAINER yet. No-one is quite sure what is being put out. Is it a masterstroke? or more of the same?

  2. The trainer is using the old albeit modified ambit shell, so the crunch issue for me is will it be ambit like with no vibrating alerts?

    1. I was going to write something about the various options of what it could be but decided against it. essentially: is it an upgraded ambit’s hardware?…probably (eg colour screen). will it have the Spartan firmware?…likely in some form (it’s called the Spartan trainer!). I guess the ideal scenario for many would be the old firmware but slightly better hardware.


    Full list of SKUs for Spartan Series. Includes Sport “Wrist” HR and Trainer SKUs.

    For reference, “All Black Sport Wrist HR” retails for $750 — seems crazy high compared with the Trainer pricing we’ve seen.

  4. The FCC page mentions “available date” for the user manual, set up and external photos as 2017-01-27. It’s got to be released before that

    1. thank you!! My Korean is not too good tho on those manuals 😉
      there is one image in there of the real thing which confirms earlier leaks. Plus it also confirms the SPARTAN firmware inside with some of the images in the quickstart guide.
      the detailed manual is only an excerpt of the FCC stuff for anyone reading this.

    1. probably ish. that was first on amazon about 3 months ago tho. so I suspect it was just timed to release now and that may have been the originally planned release date. I don’t know is really the answer. I’ve had no formal acknowledgement of the existence of the TRAINER from Suunto (although clearly it exists)

      1. Hi there,
        Any updates regarding the Spartan Trainer? There are no more info/leak on Internet.
        I am wondering what’s next in terms of ”affordable” products in the Suunto range.

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