What will Garmin announce at CES 2017?

Garmin Fenix 5xEdit: (here) are the actual F5X specs and a commentary and comparison. The F5 is now on Garmin’s USA and German websites. And I guess the strict answer to what Garmin will announce at CES is “Nothing”…it was all announced just before πŸ™‚

The Fenix 3 was announced in Jan 2015 and the 3HR in January 2016 but don’t expect the Fenix 5 this week. Last years leaks could mean they re-jig the release schedule either way ie bringing it forward to CES or postponing it from CES and instead announcing a lesser product.

The sensible money WILL be on a new FENIX. Let’s hope so…

If you are new to this site then these recent posts will cover some interesting Garmin speculation

Edit: It looks like thereΒ are some fenix 5 leaks. So it now seems 99% sure that there will be a F5 announcement imminently…

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14 thoughts on “What will Garmin announce at CES 2017?

  1. Guess this speculation was a little wrong πŸ˜‰

    The 5k Runner: “Don’t expect the Fenix 5 this week”
    Garmin: “Here’s 3 versions of the Fenix 5 with 15 total different watch/band/bundle combinations”

    • yep. I try to speculate both ways to help you guys form your own opinions. We’ve known about all the variations for well over 2 months. it was just a case of ‘when’

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