Misfit announce beautiful VAPOR smart sports watch with GPS; music and oHR


Source: Misfit

Planning well in advance, Fossil-owned Misfit have announced their new watch for July 2017.

It looks GREAT with a REALLY nice looking interface. Perhaps a little thick for a fashion-oriented watch? It seems to be a fairly basic fitness watch from a functional perspective but with GPS, oHR and with untethered music.

Which is what people want.

It’s swim proof to 50m and has oHR. Misfit’s first venture into oHR is likely to be a tricky thing especially with the 2x LED array that they are using. Not starting off from a good place there probably.

Music, GPS and oHR are what is coming to be a standard offering for 2017. Whereas last year it was TomTom (and AndroidWear) that mostly had the music niche cornered. However it looks like the price point is very competitive at Eur/$/£200 or thereabouts.

Battery life anyone?? 5 hours, oh dear.

It’s a shame that, in the medium-term, they will eventually be doomed to non-AndroidWear oblivion.  In the short term there will be the risks that their interface has bugs.

Why it will work: awesome resolution screen will make real-looking analog displays. and it looks good in general. It has a good functional offering.

Why it own’ work: battery and possible bugs. Competition. The oHR will require more meaningful AND NEW funcitons on their web/app interfaces. LOTS and LOTS of work for them. They should have gone AndroidWear.


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