New Balance RunIQ – AndroidWear Watch

new-balance-runiqI’d forgotten all about this.

Think Polar M600 (great piece of kit) . New Balance’s foray into the sports wearables market runs the same AndroidWear OS but has a round screen interface and an app. Otherwise conceptually very similar – untethered music from on the watch, 5ATM water resistance, 5 hours GPS exercise time or 1 day of watch time, support for Bluetooth headphones.

It looks like, by default, it is running the STRAVA Android/AndoirdWear app (the M600 can also EASILY do that) rather than its own app – good call

5 hours GPS exercise time may well turn out to be an issue as using it for, say, 90 minutes in GPS mode OR leaving GPS turned on will quickly deplete the battery then needing it to be charged up before you go to bed. It looks quite nice though.

Approx $300. Available NOW to pre-order with delivery soon (Feb by the looks of it)

Apple integration WILL be limited in several respects.


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