Fitbit acquires Vector (Watch Company)

Another interesting acquisition announced a few days ago by Fitbit. this time of the European ‘startup’ VECTOR. To me it looks like a similar acquisition to the PEBBLE deal.

Maybe VECTOR have watches in the planning stages…either way existing watches will not be updated further.

Again Fitbit seem to have made the acquisition of apps a key factor, VECTOR have ‘apps’ (Uber, Evernote, BBC, economist)



Tvector smart watchhis is the press release: and content below

The Vector Watch software platform and team joined the Fitbit family

“The magical smartwatch with 30-days battery life”, “luxurious design”, “elegant timepiece”, “stylish product with a tech spin”. These are just a few ways in which you, our customers, have referred to Vector Watch since our launch in 2015. Time has passed and thanks to your constant feedback and suggestions we have managed to update and increase the value of our product constantly.

Today, we are happy to announce that the Vector Watch team and our software platform are joining Fitbit, the leader in the connected health and fitness market! We believe this is an important milestone as a moment when we will start building other new and amazing products, features and experiences, incorporating our unique technology and knowhow with Fitbit’s experience and global community.

Our aim is to make our integration in the Fitbit family as seamless as possible with no impact on you, our customers. Our smartwatches will maintain functionalities and features. You will continue to enjoy the Vector Watch experience: a 30-day battery life smartwatch, with customizable watch-faces and dedicated streams. However, new product features (software and hardware) will not be added.

Our customer support team will continue to respond to your needs and questions regarding the Vector Watch product by using the same channels as before: a dedicated Help Page and su*****@ve*********.com. Moreover, all warranty or other hardware specific queries will continue to be addressed by the Vector Watch support team.

It has been an impressive journey and we thank you all for your enthusiasm and dedication to our product. From the start, we have unceasingly strived to offer an elegant and efficient smartwatch and staying true to our credo: create a timepiece that will give you time for what truly matters. And we could not have done it without you!

Thank you for such a great experience, from which we have learned so much, and looking forward to our future together!

– the Vector Watch Team

Short overview:
•Vector Watch devices will continue to work, warranty is valid and technical support is available for all our smartwatches sold worldwide.
•Customers will be able to create and submit for approval designs for new watch faces both for Vector Luna and Meridian. Our platform can be accessed at and the acceptance policy remains the same.
•Developers will no longer be able to create new streams; however, already published ones can be edited.
•If you want to own a Vector Watch, charging cables and screen protectors, you can find our products on sale within the list of worldwide retailers available online at: Find the closest near to you.

Find further details in the below FAQ:

1: Will my Vector Watch still work?
Yes, your Vector Watch will continue to function, and our product’s user experience, features and functionalities for the mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone will remain unchanged.

2: Can I still purchase a Vector Watch smartwatch?
Our Vector Watch products, charging cables and screen protectors are available for purchase through our worldwide retailers’ network. More details regarding our official commercial partners can be found in our dedicated page:

3: Will there be new software updates to the Vector Watch platform?
The 2.0 Vector Watch release is our latest software update. This release works across all mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone. In the future, we will work to provide the same level of functionality. Please review the full list of compatible devices at our dedicated page:

4: In the future, will you add new features to the Vector Watch product (software and hardware)?
New product features (software and hardware) will not be added. Our support technical team will continue to offer assistance for Vector Watch customers through our traditional contact channels: Help page and su*****@ve*********.com.

5: Will the Vector Watch product continue to offer a two years’ warranty?
Yes, warranty and support will be provided for all Vector Watch products sold worldwide. Our customers continue to be extremely important to us. Please also review our Terms and Conditions mentioned in our Vector Watch Warranty Certificate page.

6: What happens with my personal information used in creating the Vector Watch account?
Your information (email, phone number, date of birth) remains private and will not be shared with any third party. You will access your account by using the same login credentials (email address, password). You will also be able to export your past activity data by following this URL:

7: How can I return a Vector Watch I have recently bought?
The return policy for Vector Watch products remains unchanged. Vector Watch products purchased from a retailer may be returned or exchanged based on each retailer’s return policy. Please consult the retailer’s official website and available information.

8: Will I still be able to contact Vector Watch support team?
We will continue to offer support for Vector Watch customers worldwide. You may contact our team through our Help Page and su*****@ve*********.com.

9: If my Vector Watch product is out of warranty, will I still be able to service it?
For all software and hardware queries please contact our customer support team and they will direct you to an authorized Vector Watch service partner. You may contact our team through our Help Page and su*****@ve*********.com.

10: Will I still be able to create and submit new watch faces for the Vector Watch smartwatch?
Yes, you will be able to create and submit for approval new watch faces both for Vector Luna and Meridian. Our platform can be accessed at and acceptance policy stays the same.

11: Will I still be able to create and submit new streams for the Vector Watch smartwatch?
Creating and submitting new streams for the Vector Watch platform will not be available any more. Our technical department will continue to offer assistance and respond to your technical inquiries if needed.

12: If I have created and submitted a watch-face and stream, will I still be able to up update them through my existing developer account?
Yes, registered developers will be able to update and publish existing watch faces and streams. The approval process stays the same.

13: Are Vector Watch chargers and screen protectors still available for purchase?
Yes, Vector Watch chargers and screen protectors can be purchased from selected retailers. Please visit our page to find the retailer closest to you:

14: In the future, will you be launching a new Vector Watch product?
Future hardware updates will not be included. Vector Watch products with the Luna, Meridian and BMW i Limited Edition collections can still be purchased at selected retailers in our worldwide list. Please visit our page to find the retailer closest to you:

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2 thoughts on “Fitbit acquires Vector (Watch Company)

  1. Since no one here has said anything about it, other than the buyouts of Pebble, Coin and now Vector something’s brewing at Fitbit. While I have read plenty of reports about last year’s watches being kinda flat (the blaze, which my wife uses is basically a colored surge with no GPS), It seems that they have seen the light and are moving their “activity trackers” further into the smartwatch ecosystem. I mean, didn’t this blog have a post about them starting an app store?

    Unless they are (fitbit) bringing some “killer app” to the market, I don’t see it making that big of a wave there. Apple and Samsung have a huge ecosystem already (not to mention brand recognition), why jump to a Fitbit? Sure they do tracking better (perceived), but as a smartwatch. I mean they haven’t included gps into a watch since the surge and both competitors do. The S3 even has Glonass support.

    Here’s the thing, I have this weird feeling Fitbit is coming to this part of the market with something that frankly bridges the gap between “Smart watch” “Activity tracker” and “Sport watch” ala the midrange Garmin market. I think the Surge 2 is coming this year, and it’s coming with a color screen (and round), mobile payments, lte support,gps/glonass, Altimeter/barometer, additional sport metrics….and external sensor support (perhaps inhouse chest strap and foot pod…but maybe this is too far-fetched). Think something like a vivoactive HR/Forerunner 235 with advanced smart watch functions.

    I could be wrong, but there’s something coming.

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