Garmin Fenix 5 – interesting pre-order sales indicators

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Garmin Fenix 5
Amazon UK

It seems that pre-orders for the new Fenix 5 range have taken Garmin a little by surprise.

There are essentially 3 model formats/types: Fenix 5s (small wristed version), Fenix 5 (normal version), Fenix 5x (larger, map version).

It’s no surprise that pre-orders are at a good level. HOWEVER what is the surprise is that a LARGE number of orders are being placed for the top-end Fenix 5X model.

We can only speculate why:

  1. Latest, greatest top-of-the-range is the must-have.
  2. Early adopters are more tech- and feature-focussed
  3. Buyers want maps
  4. Pose value

Garmin obviously realise this. Maybe they are adjusting their production accordingly? Maybe there will be short-term shortages of the 5x? (There is).

The Fenix 5, 5s and 5x are now generally shipping in most countries.

The come in. They go out VERY quickly. Power Meter City

The 5 and 5s are now shipping from Amazon in the UK and all of the 5x, 5 and 5s from Power Meter City in the USA – . Thank you.

As of 17March there are still a few select anomalies where, for example, the 5x is only available in the UK at selected stores, well, Cotswold! (Check return policy, no affiliation to this blog). The 5x will very soon be at Amazon.

There is 10% off most stuff at Power Meter City in the USA with the coupon / discount / promo code: the5krunner10. HOWEVER It will not work for the Fenix 5 as cashback there will only be a 10% store credit instead. That will be at list-price everywhere for some time, plus Garmin frown upon discounting in any case while products are under “MAP“. Occasionally some naughty resellers do discount but then get into trouble. Tut, tut.



power meter city
  Fenix 5 at PMC


Garmin Fenix 5
Best  REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices are about Eur480/$420/£430 and will stay around that level until 2019. .
Garmin Fenix 5S
Best  REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices are about Eur495/$550/£425 and will stay around that level until 2019 but sale prices will come and go. .
Garmin Fenix 5X
Best  REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices are about Eur700/$620/£530 and will stay around that level until 2019 but sale prices will come and go. .

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Personally i’m not surprised by how many are going for the 5X. The physical size is not all that different from the current F3HR, and then there is the EPIX community that have nowhere to go since Garmin stopped supporting that watch. What I don’t like is how they tied (2) items to the bottom tier (for lack of a better descriptor) and jacked the cost for them….without map support. For the same price as the 5x, the 5 and 5S can be made with both sapphire glass and WiFi…but without the maps. In the case of the upper version of the 5S, that comes with a decreased battery size. The upper 5 is the same thing, just smaller than the 5X. We can debate all day about features and features you need; but when your product line facilitates “options” without real choice, of course most will gravitate to one that has more under the hood. I am paraphrasing the theory here, but there is a line of reasoning that people will always use the single most powerful item over something that might just get the job done. Why bother with the item that has the tools to do the… Read more »

Sergei Meleshchuk

Love REI too. Fully agree with “I hope people don’t abuse the generosity of their excellent policy”.

Daniel Colón

I’m an REI member but I’m always skeptical of the value of their dividends. Aside from their garage sales, I’ve never found a full price or on sale item in store that I couldn’t find cheaper online somewhere. The return policy is good though! As for the watch, I really wanted to like the maps but something tells me the screen will be too small to actually care to use them so I went ahead and preordered the 5.


REI doesn’t allow 1 year returns on electronic devices any more.

Andrew Fennell

You can pre order them at mysportsandmore They will also take your old watch/phone/games console etc in part exchange