Garmin Edge 1030 (1010)? Set for 2017?

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Garmin Edge 820, Garmin Edge 810No doubt the Fenix 5 stocks are being carefully packed on pallets to grace the freight holds of our favourite airlines as they race to Europe and North America from Asia.

But what about the cycling computers?

Garmin are still sorting out the Edge 820. But that’s going to be mostly software/firmware work. Leaving the factory workers twiddling their thumbs. Or not. I suspect that work is already well underway in the production for: the Forerunner 240/245s; the replacement 920XT (let’s call it the 935XT for the moment); and for a new cycling computer. My ‘guess’ for the latter being an Edge 1010/1030 – something with a bigger screen than the Garmin Edge 820 (review here) and HOPEFULLY BUTTONS!

My suspicion here will be that we will mostly just see the 820 firmware in a larger format. However there are also rumours of some sort of replaceable/add-on battery pack to support those longer rides. If that’s true then that will obviously be useful because the 820, when navigating, has a VERY limited battery life. Maybe there could also be some other clever hardware additions such as built-in SIM card…but I doubt it.

As limited evidence of this, you might want to check the price of the Edge 520 on Amazon. In the UK it’s just dropped to a super all-time low price of £180/$280. Great device.

Best Amazon/REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices are about Eu205/$245/£180 and will fall in sales from May 2018. Buying from my partners supports this site.

Best Amazon/REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. $330/Eu299/£250 and will discount by over 25% at times. Buying from my partners supports this site

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Nikos Venetsanos

Any idea about a new activity tracker?


Should make the 920 replacement a dockable watch with just a touchscreen as the dock. Wear it as a watch and then dock for bike computer with larger screen.


Holding off buying a 1000, waiting for an update. my 810 screen is just too small, any leaks or guesses to when well see the 1000 replacement?