2017 changes – new contributor James Dunne from

There will be a few changes this year, starting off with some guest contributions from James Dunne who founded Kinetic Revolution in the UK.

James specialises in the following:

  • Running Technique Coaching
  • Running Video Analysis
  • Sport Specific Speed Coaching
  • Strength & Rehabilitation Coaching 

You may also have come across his excellent series of youtube videos or his twitter feed @KineticRev.

If you want to improve your running technique and/or get through an injury then James is your man.

If he wants to keep writing and you want to keep reading what he writes then I guess this could become a longstanding thing.


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6 thoughts on “ 2017 changes – new contributor James Dunne from

  1. “There will be a few changes this year”… one these changes is that there’s no like button anymore? Or am I some sort of ??

      1. No. No article liking. Just rating (1-5 stars) and comment liking.

        (Could currently only check it on mobile Browser (Chrome).)

      2. right. it IS turned on (I think). but not showing, as you say.
        something has changed on the wordpress end with new services enabled for sharing. I fiddled with that (same settings page). maybe that broke it??
        i’ll wait a while to see what wordpress do.

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