SHFT – "new" running power meter

SHFT.RUN stryd garmin footpod
Garmin footpod shown to indicate size. Central item is STRYD.

SHFT is a digital running coach capturing lots of gait metrics from two pods and providing coached feedback.

I’ve had SHFT since last week and will be looking into SHFT over some more runs in the coming few weeks after which I will produce a review.

Of particular interest are the metrics it captures, which include power; and these all give a flavour of what the device purports to be able to deliver:

  • G-Landing
  • Deceletration
  • Watt measurement
  • Landing Position
  • Running Efficiency
  • Steps per Minute
  • Ground Contact Time
  • Stride Length
  • Body Length
  • Body Bounce
  • Body Degree
  • Pronation Values

It even has a voice coach which is LESS annoying than a satnav…actually quite good!

Currently on sale in the US (22 Jan 2017)

ESSENTIAL READING: SHFT Detailed Review – Includes Discount Code

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You can get them: here, UK; or here, USA.



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11 thoughts on “SHFT – "new" running power meter

  1. Is it safe to assume you will be doing comparisons? I just got my Stryd the other day, and would like to know if this is any better/worse/different.

    Semi off topic, haven’t had the chance to do an actual run with it, tried it out though on a indoor track (just did a mile). Not much of a good measurement of my stats, but it was nice to see the extra metrics show up on the Garmin app.

    1. get golden cheetah. look at your power duration curve over time after a few runs, I suspect that stryd will win on the garmin integration front but that will win on the coaching feedback. so, with other factors, these superficially seem to be looking at fairly different markets. with some overlap.

  2. Does the Power/HR pods work with Garmin Forerunner 910XT using Garmin Express/Connect?
    If so, what metrics are communicated via download after a run? I guess you will have to be in Bike Mode!
    Does the Power/HR pods work with Suunto Ambit3 Sport using Suunto Movescount?
    If so, what metrics are communicated via download after a run?

      1. Thanks for the heads up. I have been using the STRYD Pioneer Chest HR/Power unit for about
        the last two months and it was great until the battery had to be replaced. Then it went silent for some unknown reason. But STRYD is sending a replacement. I use both the Garmin 910XT and Suunto Ambit3 Sport for training. You get more Metrics with the Ambit3 using Movecount, then with the Garmin using Garmin Connect. I also use Golden Cheetah but am still trying to figure out what my optimum cadence is for a 5/10K race. Too bad the is only good with a Smart Phone which I do not have.

          1. OK, here it goes.

            Due to injured knees at age 68, I had to learn how to run fast again. I was running 5K’s in the 24:00 – 25:00 range. After researching for about a month, I started to read about Chi / Pose / +Newton techniques of running that minimized the stress on the knees. I went out an bought a pair of Newton Distance shoes. It then took me about 2 to 3 months to learn anew how to lean forward somewhat during my runs. And about 90% less pains in my knees. I then learned about Cadence, which I never really thought about before. I was running in the low 80’s cadence. In order to improve and get faster, I read that somewhere about 90 was optimum. I slowly ran while increasing my cadence to 90 +/-. Took about 6 months. My times were coming down to mid 25 range. But my training was in and out. Something was missing. It turned out to be I was training using Garmin HRM. I needed to try something else. It was then I learned that Running Power sensors were available and the price for a chest unit was under $200 USD. I bought a STRYD Pioneer Chest unit as well as the very interesting and informative book “Run with Power” by Jim Vance ( It has become one of my two training bibles. It told me a lot of what is needed to run more efficiently. I then did many runs at 85-95 Cadence and with the Stryd, I was able to determine my best stride cadence was from 88 – 92. Still working on best number. I have learned that one must not start a race at over your optimum stride rate or you will pay the piper and overheat at the 2 – 3 mile mark of the race. If you have something in reserve at the end of the race ( last 0.2 to 0.5 Mi ) then, and only then can you increase your stride rate from 90 to around 100. Anything higher, and you will burn yourself out during the final 50-100 yards. With the STRYD, my times are now in the mid 24’s to low 25’s. My Power unit crapped out last week and STRYD is sending a replacement. I believe it will be the Foot Pod this time. Hopefully, I will find another 60 seconds and break 24. Incidentally, FYI, my second bible is “The Runner’s Edge” by McGregor and Fitzgerald ( which I intend to devour next. It also has many ideas on how to better train using CTL, ATL, TSB, Zone training, etc. I hope this was not TMI. The older you get, hopefully, the smarter you become by learning from the experience of others. Really enjoy your emails.

            Peter UBERTO

          2. thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts Peter. I am a bit sceptical of minimalist running for most people as it often ends in injury…hopefully you had super strong calfs! And it seemd to work for you. Yes I agree on your approach re cadence and power. A similar outcome would have been achieved with HR, cadence and pace but I suppose that power could be seen as being easier in some respects. I’ll add some links in for those books. thank you again. PS for anyone else reading: lean forward at the ankles NOT the hips (actually quite hard for many, be careful).

          3. Thanks for your input.

            BTW, being as old as I am,now over 71, I have run over 30,000 miles on my legs. Once, back when I was in my early 40’s, I ran 100.2 miles in 24:00:00. The winner that day had over 130 miles. By the way, what is your 1st name. Are you a guy or a girl??


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