SHFT – "new" running power meter

SHFT.RUN stryd garmin footpod

Garmin footpod shown to indicate size. Central item is STRYD.

SHFT is a digital running coach capturing lots of gait metrics from two pods and providing coached feedback.

I’ve had SHFT since last week and will be looking into SHFT over some more runs in the coming few weeks after which I will produce a review.

Of particular interest are the metrics it captures, which include power; and these all give a flavour of what the device purports to be able to deliver:

  • G-Landing
  • Deceletration
  • Watt measurement
  • Landing Position
  • Running Efficiency
  • Steps per Minute
  • Ground Contact Time
  • Stride Length
  • Body Length
  • Body Bounce
  • Body Degree
  • Pronation Values

It even has a voice coach which is LESS annoying than a satnav…actually quite good!

Currently on sale in the US (22 Jan 2017)

ESSENTIAL READING: SHFT Detailed Review – Includes Discount Code

usa-amazon-price-check uk-amazon-price-check

You can get them: here, UK; or here, USA.



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Is it safe to assume you will be doing comparisons? I just got my Stryd the other day, and would like to know if this is any better/worse/different.

Semi off topic, haven’t had the chance to do an actual run with it, tried it out though on a indoor track (just did a mile). Not much of a good measurement of my stats, but it was nice to see the extra metrics show up on the Garmin app.


Does the Power/HR pods work with Garmin Forerunner 910XT using Garmin Express/Connect?
If so, what metrics are communicated via download after a run? I guess you will have to be in Bike Mode!
Does the Power/HR pods work with Suunto Ambit3 Sport using Suunto Movescount?
If so, what metrics are communicated via download after a run?