Generic swim app for wearables including androidwear, ios, pebble, garmin

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I was looking for AndroidWear sports apps for the Polar M600. I found a few and some were even interesting! Although there was not too much to tempt me away from the POLAR app that is inbuilt into the M600.

Then I stumbled across (ios and android and other platforms) and the chart to the right, from that app’s site, seems to suggest that the app will effectively add LOTS of swim-functionality onto the M600. Indeed onto many devices (other devices not shown).

It’s on my watch but I’m yet to use it.

Anyone had a go with it? does it store HR?

edit: bug on polar M600 !!! 24/1/17 since dec 2016.

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Garmin syncs to their site, and it’s better for swim data than Strava. I stopped using it after a while though as it didn’t really do enough to warrant the extra place to look. What is very good though is that it holds personal records based on stroke and distance. Doesn’t work for outdoor swims, and actually moans every time you upload one – I currently have 78 warnings that uploaded activities have issues, and the only issue is that they aren’t a pool swim!
Unfortunately this will never gain enough momentum to be a Strava type platform for the same reason the Garmin Swim dies off. Real swimmers just don’t do data like runners and cyclists do. Swimmers tend to go off the wall clock and do repeats. Then there are people like you and I, who have the toys anyway and want to play with them – with running and cycling that makes up sufficient numbers to warrant a social platform. For swimming not so much 🙁 My hope is that Strava either buy or rip off their idea (sorry!).

Andy Gates

Thread necromancy! The M600 gets native swim metrics with the Wear 2.0 update.